You are using factoring !

We are independent of factoring companies and support you in setting up your factoring streams,thanks to the Target software suite and to our support services.

The entire AWBS team is fully invested in the continuous improvement of our data extractor in order to best meet the needs related to your factoring contract and your accounting practices.

The three modules of factoring

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Module 1 : Remittance

Data extraction from your accounting software/ERP
File generation (invoices, credit notes, ledgers, lettering, images, direct drafts (LCM), automatic QS generation…)

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Module 2 : Booking

Assistance with accounting schemes
Ledger set-up
Accounting gateways with the factor

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Module 3 : Reconciliations

Collection and automatic reconciliation of outstanding amounts with the books of the factor
Summary of changes between periods

We are with you

for you to be ready for your first remitances as soon as possible.


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Step 1: Project outline

Through a fifteen questions questionnaire, our team reviews with you the different aspects of the project: contractual (type, scope...), accounting (volume, types of cases...), IT (data sources, access mode...). A quote is then generated.

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Step 2: Installation

Our interventions are carried out remotely (phone and screen sharing), in particular via Teamviewer. We configure Target based on the scoping, the chosen modules (assignments, recording, reconciliation) and your specific requests. Test files are generated and sent to the factor.

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Step 3: Training

As for installations, trainings take place remotely (phone and screen sharing). You are supported in the preparation of your remittances as long as you feel the need.

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Etape 4 : Support

Support: We provide a remote technical and functional support (phone and screen sharing) that you have access to throughout the contract. We make sure our interventions (installation, training, support) are carried out by the same team.

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7 Days

Average number of working days between our first access to data and your first remittance to your factor.

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Saving rate typically achieved on the first year by customers who preferred Target to an in-house development

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30 min

Average time it takes the Support team to solve urgent matters.

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Annual renewal rate of contracts.